someone who goes out with his/her friends and doesn't "have fun" the way the rest of them do. The say that "their parents will kill them", or "their future is too important to mess up on one night". A.K.A. a pussy
You think that your too school for cool. But I got a newsflash for you... your not.
by Mark C. McKenna October 24, 2010
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Anyone who doesn't fit in the definition of "cool" because they'd prefer education over what's popular. Made popular by P!nk's song "Raise Your Glass."
-Why didn't ya'll come to Kyle's party last night?

-We were studying. We'll have a party on the weekend. Yea, we're too school for cool.
by #1 P!nk and underdog fan November 03, 2010
When a person has so many responsibilities, (work school ec) that they have no semblance of a social life, or time for friends.
Jenna has three jobs and goes to community college, she's Too School For Cool.
by Jamick99 December 13, 2011
not cool...... the same as a bee with no knees, or a cat who had his pyjamas tragicaly burnt off in a fire, or some little retard ho is really smart so he shuns all his friends and goes off to do scholarships and stuff....... you could also just say its a fat little multi-chinned american who not only is fat multi chinned and american but is dyslexic.... therefore making him prone to many blunders literature wise and forcing him to make the uncommon error of saying the word hat this mening is based around instead of too cool for school........ The End (deep breath put step down from soapbox)
"whoah did you see that awesome show it was too school for cool"

"you're a nad the real way to say it is too cool for school dickweed"
by specky January 20, 2005

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