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The theoretical basket in which certain tasks are placed when they are deemed to be tedious or difficult. This can include office work and household chores.

It can sometimes lead to social notworking.
Rodney: Hey Stephen, did you finish that report I asked you to do?

Stephen: No Rod. I put it in the Too hard basket.
by Dickolovski March 18, 2009
A metaphorical in-tray, or basket, into which ideas and/or tasks are mentally placed because they are are deemed to be taboo or extremely difficult to handle.
Sex for the seriously disabled is a subject that goes into many people's too hard basket.

The ordination of homosexual bishops is a concept that finds it's way into the too hard basket of many conservative church goers.
by WriteForFun December 31, 2010
A metaphorical basket containing ideas and/or tasks which are either taboo or are deemed extremely difficult to handle.
Example: The idea of sex for the seriously disabled is a too hard basket for some people to come to terms with.

Example: The concept of ordained homosexual bishops is a too hard basket for many religious people with conservative theological views.
by WriteForFun December 31, 2010
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