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When a well connected industry, such as the banking and finance industry makes such huge political donations that they become impervious to criminal prosecution. They can be so well connected that they in effect pick the prosecutor, and Attorney General, Treasury Secretary that makes the case for saving the very criminals that almost destroyed the Country. In return for their donations and related criminal activities they get bailed out by the government and then take huge bonuses, without an arrest or prosecution. While the common and outraged citizens grass root organizers such as Occupy Wall Street protestors are arrested in mass, and brutalized.

Not to be confused with Not Too Small To Jail, which relates to the petty misinterpretations of the law that are used to harass and to falsely arrest innocent protesters.
How come those on Wall Street that almost destroyed the County on several level of magnitudes larger that Bin Laden, were Too Big To Jail. When those protesting the Wall Street criminal conspiracy were Not Too Small To Jail under false pretenses? Because Justice is Blind, when your gooning for the 1%.
#occupy wall street #gooning for the 1% #criminals #protestors #jail #criminal #bankers #wall street
by mlhiss January 23, 2013
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