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(verb) to annoy the shit out of people early in the morning when they are hungover and sleeping. Examples include: being obnoxious, talking loudly about how "crazy" last night was, trying to engage you in a conversation you could give two shits about, opening the curtains and letting light into dark rooms, etc.
Yo Rob, I was real close to Tony'ing you when I left CT and Ron's yesterday.
by thecannon July 05, 2011
Getting super sloshy drunk and being the first of the group to throw up all over the place
Dude bro, John can't hang and party like us. He's tonying all over the bathroom right now.
by Joomui April 09, 2011
A term used to describe two secretly gay men touching penises together in a "one-night stand" scenario. Also known amongst the LGBT crowd as "sword fighting".
"I told my mom not to disturb me because i was going to be doing "homework", but she walked in on me and caught me Tonying with the neighbor!"
by EnzomKilla June 15, 2014