Another term for "Donkey Punch"
when having sex with a girl (or guy if ur gay), and u yell out "WHO'S THE BOSS" typically the girl isnt gonna think to say "Tony Danza's the boss". so when she scream/moans out "you arrre" u punch her in the back of the head *which is pretty dangerous* and yell "TONY DANZA'S THE BOSS BITCH"
Shut up before i Tony Danza ur ass.
by ClayOsgood July 31, 2006
you are all wrong, the correct definition for "tony danza" is... You are getting head by someone (chick) than you pull it out, and you cock slap him/her and you say "who's the boss" and they'll most likely say you are, and than you cock slap them again, and say "NO! Tony Danza's the boss!"
you're getting head, and you pull it out for a sec, and you cockslap her.

(you) *cocks slaps* "Who's the boss!?"
(girl) *you are"
(you) *cock slaps her again* "NO! Tony Danza is!"
by zergtillian October 14, 2006
To slap your woman's face with your limp penis while asking her, "Who's the boss?"
Hold on. Stay still. Now, who's da boss? Who's da boss? Tony Danza.
by Milo February 18, 2005
while banging you girl from behind, you keep yelling "tony danza!, tony danza!" when she turns around you hit her in the face and say "whos the boss!"
"i think sally is mad at me'
"she didnt like that tony danza"
by wootang September 13, 2005
1.The man that keeps me from sleeping at night...
2.A person or animal that feels a need to inappropiately touch and/or fondle a small child or rodent to death.
3. The anti-Christ
1. I can only think of his abnormally large, oddly shaped penis as I stare at the blank wall.
2. Get your Danza-hands off my baby you friggin Tony Danza!!!
3. That cult over there worships Tony Danza...they also have giant orgies with Michael Bolton and his Bolton-mullet!!!
by Druinn March 13, 2005
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