A Tony Danza on Halo live is an assassination by way of punching a player in the back of their head. This is an instant death for the opposite player. When one gets a "tony danza" you must yell "Tony Danza!!!" over the microphone. Otherwise it will only be an assassination. This term comes directly from the original definition of a tony danza...

Tony Danza:
When you are giving it to a chick from behind, you yell out "Who's the boss?" She'll get confused, turn her head around, at this moment, you donkey punch her and then scream TONY DANZA!!!
-yo dude did you hear how many tony danza's i got last game?
-bro it must have been like 15?
-yea dude i got 13. the danza's were goin like crazy last game
by iceman0189 October 28, 2007
When you are giving it to a girl from behind, then you slip it in the two-hole. When she turns around with the attempt to chastise you for having the audacity to slip it in the other hole, you yell out "Who's the boss???"
While I was doggy-styling this chick last night, I could barely feel anything so I gave her a Tony Danza and suddenly it felt a lot better. She didn't like it so much though, but hey, who's the boss????
by gdcis4me May 05, 2006
Another term for "Donkey Punch"
when having sex with a girl (or guy if ur gay), and u yell out "WHO'S THE BOSS" typically the girl isnt gonna think to say "Tony Danza's the boss". so when she scream/moans out "you arrre" u punch her in the back of the head *which is pretty dangerous* and yell "TONY DANZA'S THE BOSS BITCH"
Shut up before i Tony Danza ur ass.
by ClayOsgood July 31, 2006
The man with the plan.
Ted: Fuck dude, did you just see that guy? He was Tony Danza!

Ted's Brother: Fuck no I didn't see that lame ass shit; I was busy fucking your mom in the ass!

Ted: But we're brothers!!!

Ted's Brother: JDNdkfjhDH!!!!!!
by Empyrean Deft February 25, 2008
While recieving a BJ ask the giver "who is the boss?" when they respond with "you are" yell to them "No! Tony Danza is the boss!"

A way of tallying BJ's
"Dude, I Tony Danza'd 3 Chicks on the weekend."
by DeDoiche March 30, 2006
Giving a girl a Tony Danza is when you are having anal and you keep asking her who's the boss? and she will usually reply with, ohh fuck you are!, and then you pull it out, slap her in the face with it, and say NO! Tony Danza is the boss. Then return to anal sex
I gave that bitch a Tony Danza and she went nuts!
by Jables Dufazz June 01, 2005
dude you guys are all wrong.
tony danza is like ur doin a chick from behind and you yell
whos the boss.
and procede to donkey punch her.
only with a toaster.
dont ask.
its funnier
"whos the boss?"
/crack/ with a toaster
by Johnnyquest April 13, 2007

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