UK PM - Labour Party
aka useless
i once bombed iraq you know john the killer now
by Gruffy March 19, 2005
he likes a bit of bush
o look!!! thers the Bush again! all the way from the USA
by Mickolas January 19, 2004
A 2@ who runs the country as if it was his own personal fiefdom.
Tony Blair tells us he's spreading democracy around the world. At the same time, the cunt is removing all our inherant rights and freedoms. Democracy subject to his terms and approval.
by lickyalips April 24, 2006
Tony Blair is a discrace to our country. He has his head too far up Bush\'s arse, he sent us to a war based on lies and with the terroism laws (prison without trial) we are now closer than ever to having secret police. Also blair ivors is a bit like Tony Blair.
Tony Blair is a discrace to our country and should be shot.
by qwerty April 26, 2005
an autistic monkey that engages in the act of feltching whilst wearing his mothers bitch reigns!!!
your sucha tony blair
by billy the kid February 03, 2005
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