Tony Blair definition: mass murderer of men,women and children ,a nazi dictator,a abuser of human rights,also the boy friend of george bush.
Tony Blair the most evil man in modern history
by data February 26, 2005
George Bush's Fancy man
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Bliar is the worst prime minister in British history. No other PM has so ill served his nation, and so cavalierly surrendered the interests of it to another, the USA, which is at the zenith of its reprehensibility. The murderous, lying turd Bliar should suffer evey indignation that cancer can offer equal and preferably greater to the sum of every needless death the messianic pus-ball has bought to this world. And those deaths are in Stalinesque proportions. Damn him to hell and beyond.

Of course, in due course, Tony Blair will probably earn a mint working for the great beast himself, Murdoch. That's life - thanks to all you misguided twats who voted him in, including me.
Iraq, Dr Kelly, Iran, Lebanon, anything the bastard touches. Tony Blair - you will go down in history as Britain's greatest shit to date.
by Matthew Diggins August 25, 2006
proper noun: a dick
here's my middle finger to tony blair.
by cannerve March 30, 2006
A Prime Minister who was stupid enough to risk his political career by siding with GWB.
He used his office to make sure Great Britain is now just Britain, where a greater would have sided with the facts known (rather than imagined hysteria) at the time. Unfortunately, the Tory Party backed him to the hilt, and understandably, his popularity dropped (thanks to some intelligent Brits - the majority of the population there!) Probably man of integrity, yet a weak man. Npt so nusual in a world of politics.

Don't be a Tony Blair!
GWB to Rumsfeldt
by LongLiveGB November 02, 2003
Tony Bliar, ponce, Bushwhacked
Idiot Bush's poodle that does everything its told to do...
"Fetch my slipper, Tony"
by HybridTheory November 21, 2004
Peter Mandelson's bitch.

Reponsible for bollocksing up Britain. Enjoys getting butt-fucked by Europe. Appointed the biggest cretin in political history to be his second in 'command'. Wife is an evil profit-whore. History will show that he and his filthy government were an utter disaster for the UK.
Tony Blair won 3 general elections. Only because there were enough people stupid enough to vote for him.
by The Baron Delarary October 07, 2006

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