Leader of the Labour party ( UK )
Prime Minister, first Lord of the Treasury since 1997.
First Labour politician to win three consecutive general elections. Has been critisised by some (see below) for his support of the American led war in Iraq but remains popular in the country at large.(see above)

"I think Tony Blair is a cunt* and a wanker* and he fucks President Bush up the arse*"
*An example of some of the witty and incisive arguments put forward, in this dictionary, by a few of Mr. Blair's detractors
by acidbat October 11, 2005
A man that sacrificed his political career supporting George W Bush on some misguided messianic mission.

He is not perfect but has done many good things for Britian but many people have forgotten what it was like before with Major and Thatcher - an incompetant wanker preceeded by one of the most evil women to have ever lived.

Criticised mainly by Daily Mail readers and people without the intelligence to dispassionately look at his acheivements despite the obvious and disappointing failures.

I am saddened that a man that held such promise for the British people after the dark Tory years has lied to us and broken our hearts.

Perhaps he is the perfect example of how misguided faith can destroy a man.
A: "Tony Blair is a bastard."
B: "Daily mail running another scare story today then?"
by lukaz January 13, 2007
A committed Christian and a great guy who just wants the best for everyone. Has done wonders for peace on earth. The world would be a much worse place without wonderful people like Tony Blair
God is great. God will reward our Tony Blair with certain saint-hood when Tony our saviour departs this earth for heaven
by lord nobcheese2 October 29, 2006
Current Labour MP and Prime Minister of the UK. Subject of alot of diatribe from the nation despite ironically being voted to power by the very same people.
"I voted for Tony Blair"
by rogue March 21, 2003
A Powerful Man.
Tony Blair is a powerful man
by NEAB Anthology June 09, 2003
One of the best Prime Ministers Britain have ever had. Full of honesty and integrity. Always does what he believes is right for Britain. Unfortunately, the media have got many people believing that he is a liar, even though the Hutton Inquiry and 3 other inquiries have proved this to be wrong. Heads have rolled within the media due to this lie, including Greg Dyke of the BBC. Yet it still happens.
I think Tony Blair is a liar because I read it in the paper and saw it on the BBC
by [Ŵå¥ň€]™ May 25, 2005
The most coolest British prime minister from the New Labour Party and a strong U.S. ally. Thank god he's not the president of France who coward us on Iraq. Way to go to Tony Blair!!!
Tony Blair is the best British prime minister ever!!!
by GOP_Rocker April 19, 2005
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