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A man who is a disgrace to his country, to his party, and to democracy itself.

A man who if he had any kind decency, would resign and stop dragging his country into the international gutter.

A man whose ego knows no bounds, and whose arrogance has no end.

A man who must be stopped.
Iraqi can bomb Britian within 45 minutes. No wait, they can't.
by fingers October 15, 2003
Tony Blair is a man who advocates Democracy, but does not understand what it is
e.g. When questioned about his decision to invade Iraq when it was apparent there were no WMDs Tony Blair replied:

"I did what I thought was right"

Whoa hold on there ego boy Blair!!! Your job is to act as a representative of the people, and if memory serve me correctly, the people didn't want to go to war. Where's the democracy in that????

p.s. Others in history who did what they thought was right : Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot...
by Dr D Kelly July 20, 2006
To grin in a sickly-looking Cheshire Cat fashion when faced with any evidence of own wrongdoing.
"Dude, stop giving me the Tony Blair and tell me why you just helped bomb that country!!!"
by Skeletal Munchkin February 12, 2005
Complete and utter wanker. Does not think before he speaks and never accepts any form of responsibility. If he does, he usually fucks it up (Iraq).

Usually found in papers in the form of a comic strip, this comic is usually a piss take of how he runs the country.

He banned hunting, but lets not get into that.

Has a great relationship with George Bush, similar to a dog and a tree.
"I dont mind Labour, i do mind HIM"
by Max Sutcliffe June 17, 2005
see autocrat
also see liar, warmonger
Tony Blair is an autocrat
by TiK September 01, 2004

That's why our trains in the UK are soo *good* then.
Do you love

(a) delays?
(b) cancellations?
(c) exurabantly high fares?
(d) getting robbed/raped/murdered?
(e) Crashes (if you are really lucky)

If you answered yes to one or more of these, then you really should start taking the train, not the car.
by coffee_addict November 07, 2004
Also known as Tony Asshole Blair. He wants to evict the Queen so he can have kinky royal sex with George W(anker) Asshole Bushraider Bush because then Mr Bushy can have even more power than those stupid ignorant yanky asswipes have already stupidly given him so he can go and bomb some innocent civilians for the sheer yanky fun of it because Tony Asshole Blair isnt around to have sexy royal throne sex with him on the (ex) Queens throne.
Mr Asshole Blair: Er, er, eh-i-i-i i did what you a-a-a-sked of me oh-oh gracious holy one
Mr Asshole Bushy: He-he-he-he now bend over backwards for me or ill bomb some more innocents
Mr Asshole Blair: *bends over*
Mr Asshole Bushy: *Begins to ride Mr Blair like he has never been ridden before until he fucking bleeds!!
by Mizzle March 20, 2005
See retard.
"Don't be a Tony Blair!"
by Kay July 27, 2003