A man who is a disgrace to his country, to his party, and to democracy itself.

A man who if he had any kind decency, would resign and stop dragging his country into the international gutter.

A man whose ego knows no bounds, and whose arrogance has no end.

A man who must be stopped.
Iraqi can bomb Britian within 45 minutes. No wait, they can't.
by fingers October 15, 2003
Teflon Tony, so called because nothing sticks to him. A man who is very good at speaking, but this is more than made up for by his total lack of being able to actually DO anything positive. He's corrupt beyond all belief to the extent that at times he's little more than a puppet for anyone willing to make a donation of a certain size to the Labour party, followed by a swift denial of all knowledge. Also responsible for the appalling state of the NHS, Education, and public transport. He has doctored immigration and crime figures, as well as NHS waiting lists, to make it appear that things are getting better when actually they're getting worse. He is allowing the country to be overrun with asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, none of whom should be here in the first place, costing the taxpayer billions of pounds and placing further strain on the education system and NHS. He is the person mainly responsible for the Politically Correct culture that's crippling this country even further, and making English people second class citizens in their own country, and the heterosexual white english male has less rights than anyone else in the country, whilst simultaneously allowing terrorist supporting groups, made up of asylum seekers who are living on benefits in council houses paid for by the british taxpayers, to hold marches through the streets of London. He changed the law after the Tony Martin case so that people are liable for any injury occurring to persons on their property regardless of why they are there, and as a result have no right to defend their own homes and families. Also has refused to change this stupid law even though the public demand it. Possibly guilty of election fraud as the postal vote that he pushed through in time for the last election was abused by many ballots being posted to the same address, and all the ballots being cast with a tick in the Labour box. He lied to parliament and the public about his reasons for taking the country to war with Iraq in a "dodgy dossier" made up of information copied from a college students essay on Iraq that's 10+ years old, and when someone (doctor David Kelly) blew the whistle on him they turned up dead in a field in mysterious circumstances. He also organised 2 enquiries about the "dodgy dossier" and the death of Doctor Kelly, where he picked the people chairing the enquiry, chose who they could interview and what they could ask, and was, not surprisingly, cleared of all wrongdoing on all counts. He is Scottish and apparently hates the English, giving every other component countries of the UK their own parliament but forcing the English to remain at the mercy of the other countries MP's, as well as virtually every time someone in a position of power in Britain is seen on television they're scottish. In longer than it has taken for Wales to get a national stadium built for £60 million, Blair has knocked down the English National stadium (Wembley), and has yet to rebuild it, charging the taxpayer £600 million for the privilege, wasted over £100 million on the Millenium Dome in the year it was up, despite everyone knowing it would be a failure, and £30 million since, spent £400 million of British Taxpayers money building a Scottish Parliament building that was only supposed to cost £40 million, and that's just the stuff we know of.
Tony Blair is a sick corrupt little man who I sincerely hope will be rotting in hell some day very soon
by slamdaddy January 12, 2005
Failed British Prime Minister.

Self perceived political messiah, who mistakes corruption for integrity, and self delusion as sincerity.

Intent on taking the world with him to his assured place in Hell.

His only hope of redemption would be through taking the life of George W Bush.
Q: Who played Mussolini to George W Bush's Hitler?

A: Tony Blair
by Napoleon Cornett November 13, 2004
Tony Blair is George W. Bush's little bitch, whereas, Georgie Boy is Satan's little fuck puppet.
Tony Blair, George W. Bush and Satan are in a threesome together.

The Luv Train:
(O(SATAN =D (O(George W. Bush =D (O(Tony Blair =D
#tony b. liar #dubya #george #satan #monkey
by Mona Lott February 23, 2006
Bastard. How does he cope wif terrorism? ID cards! NEWSFLASH ASS HOLE! MAdrid had ID cards- did that stop terrorists blowing up the trains? NO! Hes going to keep taking British people's rights until we cant even take the piss before we are shot- curfew in effect. George W bush's bitch.
Vote Lib Dems- weve neva had a aginger prime minsiter
by jam master jay February 06, 2005
a really big wanker!!
`tony blair is a wanker'
by burngun48 January 03, 2005
The biggest threat to free speech, civil liberty and democracy in the UK since Adolf Hitler.

Utterly devoid of integrity, honesty or principle.

An incompetent despot enthralled by wealth and celebrity.

Hates the English.
Lied to Parliament as a favour to George Bush Jnr. in order to start an illegal war to steal Iraq's oil for the USA.

Possibly a war criminal in the same mold as Adolf Hitler
by Darke Skies August 21, 2005
This guy has been so busy brown noseing George Bush with the wars in Afganistan and Iraq that he has failed to do the job he is paid to do, run OUR COUNTRY, under Blair, crime rates have rocketed, teenage pregnancy rates in our country are the highest in western europe and everything else has gone to shit. sort it out Tony
sort it out Tony, grow some balls and tell Gerorge Bush to piss off, if you did that the country would be behined you 100%
by pimp master c April 26, 2005
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