A man who is a disgrace to his country, to his party, and to democracy itself.

A man who if he had any kind decency, would resign and stop dragging his country into the international gutter.

A man whose ego knows no bounds, and whose arrogance has no end.

A man who must be stopped.
Iraqi can bomb Britian within 45 minutes. No wait, they can't.
by fingers October 15, 2003
1. A man who has the look of the insane in his eyes.
2. An elected leader with contempt for democracy
3. A person who seeks to bring about a dictatorship where you can be imprisoned without committing any crime at all (but you may in the future)
4. A man who wishes to spy on, and accumalate the most intimate details of each citizen, in order to exercise ever increasing state control - see Orwell
1. That blokes a bit of a Tony Blair
2. Damn, they just Tony Blair'd elections and parliamentary debate.
3. John got Tony Blair'd the other day, they thought he might commit a crime next week so they locked him up for five years.
4. My boss spies on me while I am in the toilet, bit of a Tony Blair that man.
by In despair January 16, 2007
a fucking cint whp0m wants to ruin britain shuld be hanged or shot livcks george bushes ass
omfg ur a crazy pc twat oh no thats ony blair hu like immigrans and and is a muslim luver urggggggggggggg
by jamus January 08, 2005
A man who believes in invisible weapons of mass destruction. Now he has become a Roman Catholic and believes in an invisible God.

Tony Blair could may well have a mental health issue concerning seeing invisible things but people seem to still believe in him.
These Weapons of mass destruction have Tony Blair's name on them.

"Some sad news, President Bush's lapdog passed away. Gee, I didn't even know Tony Blair was sick?"
by salina111 November 29, 2010
Sadly the leader of the UK.
Is singlehandedly responsible for the fact that the UK is torn from bieng one of the most powerful countries in the world to a mixture of a state in the USA and a 'state' of europe
Is responsible for the downfall of the England. Making anyone patriotic slightly embarrased.
Can be found sat on the hand of ventrilliquist George Dubya.
Is also responsible for around 300 deaths of British soldiers in Iraq, a war America decided would be appropriate, and Tony thought we would tag along for the hell of it. Note most of the soldiers were shot in friendly fire.
Hates the English, but loves there money. Allows people from the country we are fighting against to live here, off tax payers money in council houses.
Will be to blame if the UK is over taken by islam.
See. puppet, idoit, twat, moron, brown noser.
Aide: Sir, Whats your agenda for today then.

Tony Blair: Well I'm not sure, if you'd like to speak to Georgey see what he's up to. But how do you think Cherie would look in this Bhurka? I'm thinking about moving to scotland and converting to islam. Oh. And how are brussels coming along with the Queen's assasination?
by Megzy June 18, 2007
1. to employ a false sincerity (as opposed to insincerity)
2. to be number two in the gang
3. pretend to listen, and then do what you like anyway
4. to suck up to multinationals
5. to wage war on pitiful countries
6. to infect old people already in hospital
7. to go so full circle you become a fascist
8. to marry a horse-faced shocker
9. to bully people to accept your opinion
10. to disappear for a fortnight when things get a bit troublesome
11. to resurrect, with indecent haste, the careers of those you had to sack when they became a liability
12. to turn the country you head into the second most hated place on earth and endanger its people with very dub(ya)ious associates
I'm not going into hospital. I'm only having a massive coronary. That hospital has been tonyblaired.


I'm so tonyblair I am now a member of the SS.


The Canary Islands have had unusual amounts of rain this year. We suspect terrorist involvement. We will have to tonyblair Lanzarote out of the Atlantic.


Yeah yeah tonyblair tonyblair. Oh sorry, I was listening honestly.
by Hilary Briss July 04, 2005
Proof that we evolved from monkeys.
Tony Blair vindicated Darwin.
by ICanHazAbortionz? January 20, 2009
A man once of integrity who did well in Kosovo and Sierra Leone, but blew it all on Bush. A man who transformed one of the world's most significant countries into a shadow of its former self. A man who betrayed the citizens of Iraq, the British army, the British people. A man who tried to be world policeman and failed miserably. A man who has made the British public subject to humiliation and hatred from overseas for his appalling and dismal actions. A man who ruined the lives of the people above by introducing political correctness, poor NHS, poor schools, more asylum seekers, practically goaded the underground bombers into their actions. A man who nearly lost all his hair over Iraq.
Tony Blair tried to play the saint in politics. He failed.
by Osamasbitch January 21, 2008

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