Sellout lackey motherfucker
All punk rockers who use the internet are Tony Blairs.
by Dan November 26, 2003
Tony Blair has been to war more times than almost all of his predecessors for no apparent reason and has managed to undo the hardwork of a good number of them. Since he got into power unemployment has risen, the NHS has deteriorated, and Britain has given up part of its EU rebate.
He has put large amounts of tax payers money into pointless venture such as the millenium dome which has since closed down and his government even pours millions of pounds a year into the eurovision song contest which is only watched for comedy value by the majority of it's British viewers. And while all this money is being wasted half the NHS trusts are in debt, not to mention the amount of money being cut from other public services.
I could go on for pages about what Blair has not only done to Britain (education, police, national security, unemployment, imigration, the amount of men and women in the armed forces who have been killed, illegal wars, the amount of members of his government that have been involved in scandals ect) and the problems he has caused the rest of the world, but if I do this will be never ending.

Tony Blair: The worst elected leader of current times with the exception of George Bush.
Just watch Have I Got News for You, it'll save me the trouble of coming up with one, the hate Tony Blair (there I used it in a sentence).
#tony blair #blair #labour #politics #british government
by a.c- August 19, 2006
tony blair
a complete poopship destroyer!! :-)
by shit eye July 09, 2003
The WORST FUCKING PRIME MINSTER this country has ever had walking through the number 10 door, floods the land with foreigners, turned all our major towns and cities into ghettos, raises our taxes so high it's getting impossible to fucking live, fucks over England in every SINGLE way possible. For some reason denied helping last major British car company a bridging loan to save them yet funded Peugeot more money than that.

Basically just a proper cunt that should be tied to the back of a Rover and driven all the way to the Tower of London, where he should be fucking tied down and pecked to within an inch of his life by the fucking ravens. Then put in a council housing estate flat full of foreigners and see how HE FUCKING LIKES IT, CUNT.
Did I mention Tony Blair was a cunt?
#wanker #tit #arsehole #anti english #nob
by AngryEnglishMan October 19, 2006
A Man.
...with big ears.

What, you want more? Fine then, he's also the bast who rules Britain
Tony Blair, second only to Thanet in being rammed up the arse end of Britain
by Arrow January 10, 2005
The prime minister of britain who is unfortunately turning into Bush's right-hand man
Tony Blair needs to get Britain out of Bush's control
by *tweak* September 19, 2003
The unfunny side kick of that famous comedy double act Bush & Blair.
Where as George is a comic genius and everything he says or does has everybody crying with laughter, Tony is just rubbish. His idea of a joke is to pass laws to forbid displaying Christmas decorations in school in case it may offend a child who is not a Christian.
He is a worthless piece of shit, who is sending his country to the wall and the sooner we get rid of him the better!
When he does go the slimy bastard will give himself a knighthood so people will call him Sir when he goes on the lecture trail in the U.S.A.
Tony Blair...... "oh you can not say girl any more it is not Politically correct! You have to say female member of the human race or else you will go to prison."
Man....." FUCK OFF Blair you stupid cock sucker!"
#shit head #wanker #arsehole #scum #brain dead.
by Subbaka January 13, 2007
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