The greatest, most beautiful, most majestic, most incredible Prime Minister ever to rule modern Britain.

Elevated by his brilliance almost to a divine state, Tony Blair is as important a historical figure as Napoleon or Alexander the Great; his caring welfare state, moving forward for the common good, is the closest the human race has ever come to a perfect society, and will probably be the closest it comes.

Tony Blair has created compassion in a country of thugs, created a fresh face for Britain as the loving, caring face of the world and has expressed support for all oppressed peoples around the world, from the Iraqis to the Israelis.

Tony Blair is the most enlightened spiritual and mythical figure far and wide, and only those who have found true compassion within their hearts can open their eyes and see that every word from his mouth glows with the halo of the angels of paradise and each inch of his perfectly beautiful face is radiant with the light of an innerly perfect soul.

Among the wastelands of non-existence, we see Tony Blair in our hearts and with our eyes and we see the light of life from this beacon of hope, glory and love for all of humankind. The sunshine of his kindness ever keeps us from the cold and rain, and he stands ever on the shores of England like a Knight of old, defending us from the barbarians that knock upon the doors of the perfect society he has built.

Tony Blair is divinely selected to lead Britain, and only by finding Tony Blair within our hearts can we lead fuller and better lives.

People of Britain, it is not too late. Tony Blair is ever forgiving if you choose now to redeem yourselfs. You are the ones who, through your incessant protesting and misguided opinions are forcing the Dear Leader from power, with tears in his eyes - and mine. Can you not see what Tony has built for you? The only stable G8 economy? The compassionate, welcoming society that has been the angel of the War on Terror because of its perfectly integrated and multicultrual society, despite being involved in the liberation of the oppressed and terrorised people of Afghanistan and Iraq?

If you can find this in your hearts, Tony will forgive you and you can move on to keep this great man in power. If not, you will pay the price.
Most British people lead empty lives, not realizing how great Tony Blair is and instead driving this Great Leader from power.
by Aftabeh Mehrabani November 04, 2006
Top Definition
Governor of the 51st State of the USA
by Alien Entity September 22, 2002
George Bush's sex slave.
George : Suck me.
Blair : Okey-dokey!
by mailer_diablo October 10, 2004
A man who is a disgrace to his country, to his party, and to democracy itself.

A man who if he had any kind decency, would resign and stop dragging his country into the international gutter.

A man whose ego knows no bounds, and whose arrogance has no end.

A man who must be stopped.
Iraqi can bomb Britian within 45 minutes. No wait, they can't.
by fingers October 15, 2003
George Dubya's monkey boy.
Blair: What're we going to do tonight, George?

Bush: The same thing we do every night, Tony- TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!
by Zach G. September 14, 2004
A master of inconsequence masquerading as a guru, passing off his vast limitations as pious virtues
Tony Blair is a cunt, with small genitals
by Cherie Blair March 13, 2004
A sorry excuse for a Prime Minister. Not in my name Mr Blair, not in my name.

See puppet
I don't give a damn about my country or the well being of other people. Oh well, I guess I'll vote for Blair then.
by Kraftwerk101 September 11, 2004
Officialy done more damage than marge thatcher.
Tony blair is a ponce at the very best.
by Biafra J August 29, 2004

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