tongue fu (tung fu) NOUN. The science of kissing and all oral play, especially involving intricate and powerful movements of the tongue. The use of the tongue as a weapon.
He's a Tongue Fu master. I saw him put his tongue through an inch-thick pine board at the dojo.
by Maxhole June 23, 2009
An over zealous act of cunnilingus which leaves the victim's privates feeling as if she's just gone 5 rounds with jackie chan.
Sammy: Ugghhh I surrender
Nick (downunder): I knew you were no match for my tongue fu!
by Samick Downunder August 09, 2005
Spittin game, mackin, slick talkin

Creator: The one, the only, E-40. You know.. Earl Stevens, 40water, The Ballatician mane
"Aye I saw you layin down some tongue fu on that hunnie the other night"

"Meng you were tongue-fuin' all damn night, tell me you got your dick wet"
by jshep22 November 06, 2013
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