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The words Tomorrow and Morning put together.
Yeah, I'll call you tomornin'.

What are you doing tomornin'?
by DaRKToXiN April 09, 2005
A shortened term combining tomorrow and morning, usually used by illiterate students.
Tyrese: "Yo, Miss Smith, can I turn in this paper tomornin'?"

Miss Smith: "Sure, Tyrese. Whatever. Just don't shoot me."

Tyrese: "Aight."
by Rob and Jenn November 18, 2007
The wonderful time that comes between midnight and 6am, it's after midnight so not technically night, but it's before daylight, so not technically morning. Also it's technically tomorrow, hence: to-mornin'
By the time they finished drinking and dancing at all of the local bars, it was tomornin'.
by hawnasay November 12, 2006
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