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If you ever happen to stumble upon a Japanese teenager screaming and dying in a closet..that would be the perfect time to shriek 'TOMOKO!' because, odds are, her name is probably Tomoko.
*sees japanese girl dying in closet, screaming* 'TOMOKO!!!!!'
by AnastasialovesDanny August 22, 2003
Japanese word that means girl that works in an accounting firm but fantasizes about being in playboy.
Me: Hey Tomoko?!?
She: Should i put the calculator between my boobs or my butt crack?
by zoecooooool August 15, 2008
A Tomoko is a gorgeous, sweet and intellectual girl that always strives to do her best. She is smart and funny and is usually happy, but she worries sometimes. She is a perfectionist, but that's part of her. She dreams and imagines and loves and is really sweet. She comforts you when you're sad or worried. She'll stand by you, no matter what.
"Who is that?!"
"Oh, that looks like a Tomoko"
by Sophia125 September 11, 2013