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Tomofo is the nickname for the awesome Tomo Milicevic, guitarist of 30 Seconds To Mars and all-round crazy-ass dude.
We call him Tomofo because he is a self-confessed crazy mofo. And his name is Tomo. Obviously.

Otherwise known as King Mofo.

He is loved by all.
Em: OMFG Tomofo just tweeted again!

Joanne: I know. He never stops tweeting. Crazy mofo!
#tomo milicevic #tomo #30 seconds to mars #echelon #mofo #tomomofo #king mofo #momo #crazy mofo
by EchelonEnvy May 18, 2010
2 Words related to Tomofo
Uses the shortened versions of 'tomorrow' and 'mother fucker'

mofo meaning "motherfucker" and "tomo" meaning tomorrow.
I'll see you tomofo (I'll see you tomorrow motherfucker)
#tomofo #mofo #tomo #tomorrow #mother fucker
by dangzhang May 13, 2010
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