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The annoying baby from the Nickelodeon cartoon, "Rugrats."
I'd love it if Tommy Pickles were to get SIDS and die.
by Feathered Roadapple October 10, 2004
The odd hair a rare number of men grow on the head of their penis, making their cocks resemble Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats.
Girl 1: Did you see Cole's penis? He's got a Tommy Pickle

Girl 2: I think it's cute

Girl 3: HA! I think he should shave it off
by X.V. February 19, 2011
spooging in a womans mouth, sticking a binky in it, then cock slapping her until she cries.
I pulled a tommy pickles on that girl last night
by lucifer52683548123423 January 21, 2007
A drunken mix drink including nothing but vodka and pickle juice.
*person 1* "Hey we're out of mixers!"

*drunk person* "We have pickle juice!"

*person 1* "That's disgusting!"
*drunk person* "NO! It's Tommy Pickles!"
by Mr. Tommy Pickles August 06, 2011