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Multiple-level Irish-themed Pub near Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts that took the place of a popular live music venue, House of Blues. The bar is infamous for being frequented by both nice Harvard undergraduates and a wretchedly rude, sullen waitstaff. One of the few bars in this world where management tolerates and even endorses male bartenders competing with patrons for female patron companionship.
“Did you hear that Brian got kicked out of that ‘cuz he was chattin’ up some girl?”

“Yea, the lumpy, sullen bartender with the notoriously small prick couldn’t make conversation but got jealous and had him removed.”

“How would anyone know about the prick? He’s still a virgin!”

“Well, Brian's rolling through there Friday night with some thuggin’ hooligans, he’s turning Tommy Doyles into the OK Corale, Motherfucker.”
by bostonbren October 05, 2006
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