Childrens TV presenter.Magpie,The Saturday Show, CITV, WAC....Born in London now lives in Chichester. About 5'8" tall and has a big mouth and a massive ego.Career in radio at 5 live , talksport, lbc all results in ignominious departures after upsetting callers and executives alike.
CALLER: "Murdoch puppet!" BOYD:"I'll call you names.. SHITFACE!"
by jimmy jam man May 04, 2004
Top Definition
Listen to Tommy on BBC Southern Counties Radio every Saturday 9-1 PM.
The music is dodgy but at least he's on the air.
by someone September 23, 2004
Boyd's back! He's on SPIRIT FM.Now we know he has a future in radio.
Sprit FM alos employs Mark Green and Duncan Barkes.
by jimmy jam man August 27, 2004
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