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Main star of the very popular and successful PS2/PC game, GTA: Vice City. His story is that of being a framed Mafiaosi thug who spent about 15 years in the slammer. After getting out he is sent down south to the sunny paradise city of Vice to help the Fiorelli Mafia step into the drug market. However, this goes awry and Tommy spends the majority of the game finding out who did his drug deal in.
"Tommy Vercetti was very much displeased with Lance Vance's betrayal."
by Drugless May 27, 2005
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The main character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Normally seen wearing a blue-green hawaiian shirt. After being released from jail after the Vietnam War, he left Liberty City for Vice City.
Guy 1: Yo, hoo iz da mane karecter in Vise Sitee?

Guy 2: Tommy Vercetti, you prick!
by Maccer May 25, 2005
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