The name of a GREAT composer.
Check out for more information.
by Gwen Stacey October 20, 2004
Top Definition
A video game composer. He is best known as the host for Electric Playground and Reviews on the Run alongside with Victor Lucas. He's a very nice guy in person. All the haters need to shut up.
The dynamic duo, Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas.
by Tony Yeung October 09, 2006
Thomas A. Tallarico, cousin of Steven Tyler, is a video game music composer and co-host of Electric Playground and Reviews On The Run. He owns and runs four companies. He was born in Massachusetts on February 18th, 1968. He now resides in California.
Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall are running Video Games Live.
by Themo February 26, 2006
An fugly guy who reviews games on the show Judgment Day.
Tommy Tallarico: I give Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life a 4.0
by Rinku February 21, 2005
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