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The odd hair a rare number of men grow on the head of their penis, making their cocks resemble Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats.
Girl 1: Did you see Cole's penis? He's got a Tommy Pickle

Girl 2: I think it's cute

Girl 3: HA! I think he should shave it off
by X.V. February 19, 2011
spooging in a womans mouth, sticking a binky in it, then cock slapping her until she cries.
I pulled a tommy pickles on that girl last night
by lucifer52683548123423 January 21, 2007
A drunken mix drink including nothing but vodka and pickle juice.
*person 1* "Hey we're out of mixers!"

*drunk person* "We have pickle juice!"

*person 1* "That's disgusting!"
*drunk person* "NO! It's Tommy Pickles!"
by Mr. Tommy Pickles August 06, 2011
The annoying baby from the Nickelodeon cartoon, "Rugrats."
I'd love it if Tommy Pickles were to get SIDS and die.
by Feathered Roadapple October 10, 2004
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