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A cocky man that needs to use his last initial to make himself feel special. Probably a stripper, model, body builder or some other job that requires no intellect. Uses body and limited brain power to lure in women who are in search of the STD of the day.
See Tommy G. over there?
Yeah the buff dude with that chick, what about him?
Dude can't add 2+2 but gets pussy all the time.
by Laurie Ann August 28, 2010
Tommy G is a designer of art, oil & acrylic canvas paintings. Other designs created by G. are web related content.
Did you see Tommy G's newest gallery?
TG's art is badass bro
by Tommt March 12, 2010
A person who avoids any sexual experience with any women yet will talk a big game in order to keep up reputation. Usually makes secret meetings with other men and younge boys playing the roll as the "catcher".
"Wow! That fag is such a Tommy G."
by Iluh Weienerz February 01, 2014
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