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An amazing and talented young lady who brings sparkle and light to everything she does an everyone that she meets. She is very good at all artistic and creative aspects, but tends to be a loner.
Alice: Have you seen Tommi?
Stacy: No, but she's probably reading a book in her room or drawing in the art room.
#creative #attractive #talented #small #princess
by Princess____ February 07, 2014
Handsome lad who's scared of girls.
Tommi <3
#tommay #tommy #thomas #tom #tommi
by i got fire November 22, 2011
A fuckboy who goes from girl to girl
Girl 1: so who you talking to then .
Girl 2: his name is tommi
Girl 1: tommi, he's such a fuckboy
by Monkey tennis March 28, 2016
a wannabe american girl group trying to sound good but tend to flop
they are so tommi
by fact finder July 13, 2003
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