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Rather elongated creature lacking in both intellegence and good looks. Cleary identifiable by it's rather oversized and unattractive hairy growth from the top of the head, spreading far and requiring a permit.
James Tomkinson
by Kris April 15, 2004
A tall young man with a rather large head of hair, associates with various types. Hangs on the fringes of many social circles, excluding, Kevs,Townies, Boy racers, janners, rewdbois / rudeboys etc etc.
Could also be defined as an Afro man
James Tonkinson
by SLOGGI LOVER March 18, 2004
a rather difugured display of mankind. May have been tortured on a medieval device and therefore is exceptionally tall, up to 12 foot in some cases. Has a head of hair spreading in all directions commonly known as the afro. The subject is usually found in rural areas of central England.
James Tomkinson
by Pickering March 29, 2004