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When you shit, piss, jizz, and bleed on your bathroom floor. When you're doing your girl, pick her up (while still in her) and carry her to the bathroom. Do her from behind and when you're about to climax, pull out then stuff her face in the mixture of the aforementioned substances and force her to eat it. Then when she's puking (if she is), blow your load on her face then make her eat her puke.

Popular in Germany
You: I banged my bitch really fuckin hard last night!
Your Best Friend: Hell yeah dude that's bitchin!
You: Get this though! It wasn't just fucking!
Best Friend: Oh?
You: I gave her the Tombstone Pizza!
Best Friend: Fuck yeah dude that's the way to go!
by DownfallSilas December 06, 2009
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