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A disgusting school built in the 1300's, Majoroity population of white, inbred, ugly, retarted, dipping, cowboy boot and tight jean wearing, faggots whoe all drive trucks and listen to country music while enjoying a six pack of $2 keystone light
Whats that you go to Tomball High School? Oh well thats cool some body has to lose every football game in the season.
#ths #tomball #crap #hell #shitty
by BALLER BOYD July 16, 2009
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A high school in North Houston that claims to be the "Pride of Texas", but hasn't been shit, and will never be shit. Many students are possibly inbred, absolutely ignorant, and the girls are whores that have more diseases than an West African child.
"Have you met that guy that went to Tomball High School?"

"Yeah, what the fuck is wrong with those faggots?"
#faggot #salty #fake #cum guzzlers #fuck niggas
by Scoreboard Mutherfuckers November 17, 2014
The pride of Texas where everyday is a good day to be a Cougar
Tomball High School, 'You are the pride of Texas"
#tomball #high #school #cougars #pride #texas #football
by cougar2012 March 02, 2011
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