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Something yelled at the top of an elderly persons lungs to describe anger towards a younger generation. It is slightly more annoying than a shenanigan and slightly less evil than hooliganism.
A teenager places a bag of burning dog poop on an elderly womans porch and runs away after ringing the doorbell.

Woman yells: You dam youngins and your tom foolary.
by appathedic April 29, 2005
Possibly meaningless to the user

could be an object

" drop a lil jeweley down, pick ma valuables up, lay ma tomfoolary down...Lupe Fiasco "
"yo that's tomfoolary, I dont need to hear that"
"don't come to me with all your tomfoolary"
"just a little bit of tomfoolary I copped from the hood"
"jeez your full of tomfoolary"
by Gargon January 13, 2008