another word for tomorrow.
prepgirl: see yeah tomtom ;)
by ...lalaa January 06, 2008
An example of an enigma, a message indicator circa '40.
...would use TOMTOM, ... his name was Tom? Turned out he was a fan of ...
by New Codebreakers94 November 04, 2006
One who is very queer. Normally only acts queer but is also know to think queer thoughts, say queer things, and sometimes even dances like a flaming homo.
I am so sick of Tom-Tom being all queer around me. I swear to God he if he dances like a flaming homo one more time I'm gonna-
by tom_toms.worst.nightmare November 27, 2009
noun: refering to ones vagina or bajingo
I was totally wasted last night and I woke up to a dwarf pounding my tom tom.
by samtheman138 September 17, 2008
1. the general term for a male creature.

2. an expression used to describe total disgust.

3. the worst excuse for a human being.

4. bad liars.

5. a person who uses self-made catch phrases like: "i'm not going to lie." every five miniutes.

6. also the general term for any ho bag guy who will hook up with a girl while he has a girlfriend. see cheater.
1. look at that guy checking us out...what a tomtom.

2. ewww...when that guy threw up it was sooo tomtom.

3. tomtom is a crappy person.

4. well, he said that he had to go get his do because he was flying away. what a tomtom.

5. we were talking and that tomtom kept saying "i'm not going to lie, i'm not going to lie." it was so annoying.

6. yeah he cheated on his girlfreind. fucking tomtom!
by christine elizabeth September 13, 2006
The ultimate fighter pilot. Known worldwide as the coolest, best looking manipulator of aircraft controls. Admired and feared by all.
Man, that guys's a fucking stud... he's such a Tom Tom.
by kycreeker May 04, 2010
1. Someone who repeatedly states the obvious and is hard to have a good conversation with. <Much like a GPS>

2. Someone who tries gives you advice that is totally irrelevant or that you already know.
(At a Car Dealership)
Grandpa Bill: Well Roy, I know you are excited about buying a new car and getting on the road, but keep in mind that a man who has driven 25,000 miles has more experience than the man who has driven 10,000.
Roy: Uhh....yeah
Grandpa Bill: Your body is going through some major changes right now.
Roy: You are such a tom tom.
Grandpa Bill: See this side view mirror? It says "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear."
Roy: ...and so is the car manufacturer.
by XxBAMFxX June 05, 2009
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