The Best Quarterback in the league. Sorry men just hate him because he is better than Manning.. Tom won all three Superbowls without Moss, Welker, Stallworth, Maroney. People just talk out of there asses sometime
Manning have Harrison and Wayne but, Brady cant have Moss and Welker doesn't make sense how people think like that.Brady is a
bit overrated but he deseverd it.
Manning:49 touchdowns hell yea
Tom Brady:I'll bet I can break it
Manning:(whisper)He got no Chance
Quarterback for the New England Patriots, he's a decent player. Like the rest of the team, he puts up pretty good numbers but nothing fantastic. He is not one of the best QB's in football; he just happens to QB the best team in football.
Peyton Manning > Tom Brady
Donovan McNabb > Tom Brady
Daunte Culpepper > Tom Brady
Brett Favre > Tom Brady
Trent Green > Tom Brady
Michael Vick > Tom Brady
Ben Roethlisberger > Tom Brady
Byron Leftwich > Tom Brady
by ThatsBriskBaby September 02, 2005
The Greatest quarterback in NFL history to ever walk the face of this earth and he plays for the BEST team to ever be created and play in the NFL. hands down, no question.
Oakland Raiders Fan: hey, we won our 12th game in 8 years.

Patriots Fan: yea? we won more than 12 games in ONE year! just like every season..

Oakland Raiders Fan: WOW! Whos your quarterback?

Patriots fan: Tom Brady! fucking BEAST. Whos yours?

Oakland Raiders Fan: Jeff Garcia, Tom Brady is awesome and the best quarterback ever and The Patriots are the best NFL team ever? wow, I wonder what it feels like to win...
by teamcookie September 19, 2009
See "champion". Quarterback of the New England Patriots. He's not the most talented player to ever play in the NFL, but he knows how to win.
3 Superbowl rings. Tom Brady already has 3 more rings than Peyton Manning will ever have.
by J_breeze August 21, 2006
a man with a purple monster between his cheeks
brotherhood of the traveling hankeltoni

"Did you see Tom Brady?"
"That guy with the monster in his cheeks?"
"Fuck my life."
by skank hankeltoni January 12, 2008
Best NFL Quarterback to ever play the game.
Person 1: Look its the greatest QB to ever play the game!
Person 2: OMG where do you see Tom Brady?
by stangg May 18, 2005
an incredibly beautiful man; model-like looks; amazing quarterback
Oh my gosh, you're so hot! You look like Tom Brady!
by davidleefan February 29, 2008

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