Toms are lovely specimens, they come in all shapes and sizes, they have beautiful minds and a ravishing appearance just like a pansy, they like to watch lots of James Bond movies and cook lots of carbohydrates.
her: is that a Tom?
me: I dont think YOUVE ever seen a Tom....
by jimbotambo September 10, 2011
The name alone makes people 10km around shriek in excitement. Tom brings joy to all especially his girlfriend by being so damn awesome. Most frequently found in KD.
'i dream of tom nightly'
'hey you were so tom last night' 'nah way, im not nearly in the tom league'
by ihearttom February 24, 2010
Tom, or 'Time Of Month', is a simple sort of abbreviation in case you don't like saying out loud that you're on your period.

I think Tom's on his way. I hate him.
by Poodley Star March 14, 2009
Commonly used military term for a private soldier in the army.
The floor needs sweeping.

Ok, I'll get a TOM to do it.
by blackninja980 September 21, 2007
A geek that makes preppy girls happy around the world by creating myspace which happens to have server errors every 5 minutes. He is responsible for making this generation go down the drain because it`s what every other teenager talks about every 5 minutes.
&& ii L0oVE TOM. HE iiS S0o DREAMY F0oR MAKiiNG MYSPACE, LiiKE, C0oMMENT 0oN MY PAGE, GiiRLiiE~! x0xo <333
by iHateEmos June 12, 2007
The MAN who gives the best hugs ever. He is also very hot.
He has amazing abs and gives good piggy back rides. He's really funny and usually black.
Susan: You give good hugs! You must be a Tom.
by Ahmed Aubudaubi January 01, 2011
A person who is funny, sexy, amazing, awesome at guitar, loves pot noodle, has lots of great friends loves ketamine and is a crazy motherfucker. tscs ftw
Have you seen T..'' - ''Im here!'' - ''i wish i was you, tom
by Mr Kroeger November 05, 2010
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