An ungodly looking creature who often repulses the female gender.
"That guy is a nasty tom"
by Thomas Patrick Graser July 10, 2008
A slang word used to describe a man with two assholes. Most commonly used as an insult.
Woah man, i heard about that guy, apparently he has two assholes!

Haha yeah, what a Tom!
by Project Mayhem April 01, 2008
an austrailian who won't accept that austrailia sucks as a country
that guy talking about acdc was being a total tom
by robert rodine November 10, 2007
Probably one of the most generic people on earth, often has his name forgotten by others, or isnt even recognized. Also referred to by the name "John Doe"
Tom: hey guys!
jane: "wow that guy is such a John Doe, he has been at this school for six years now, i can't even remember his name"
Sam: "lets just not speak to him to save our selves from sheer emberassment"
by tom generic January 21, 2009
The faggot that owns myspace.Most people blame him for everything bad happening to them.And after all,he is a fag,how come he has the most friends in myspace.
Tom killed tupac.
He killed Elvis Presley too and he is the reason for the destruction of the ozone layer.
Someone who is not my friend!!!
I don't know tom, how can he and i be friends.
by PAGIS!!! February 02, 2007
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