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lovely m's
blatantly could thnx tom
by laurenlovespaulpls July 10, 2008
The faggot that owns myspace.Most people blame him for everything bad happening to them.And after all,he is a fag,how come he has the most friends in myspace.
Tom killed tupac.
He killed Elvis Presley too and he is the reason for the destruction of the ozone layer.
Stupid ginger homosexual bum who pretends to have a girlfriend but really dates blokes
Tom is dating some man from the pub, his life revolves around playing computer games, getting pissed and homosexual activity
by Tom Bosworth September 24, 2008
A pale skinned fagget that no one likes. He hangs out with people, but they all secretly hate him. His head is abnormally small compared to his broad shouldered body. Oh man tom is just the equivalent of retarded.
" Who's that pale skinned fucker over there"
"Oh that's just Tom"
" Is he dying?"
" No he's just that pale"
a young boy who knows nothing, when he thinks he knows everything, is very short & is the same in his pants. not very likely to hook up, because tends to be very nerdy and unsocial. has big dreams for music and youtube videos but unfortunately he will not succeed in that career. he has one best friend/boyfriend/neighbor. his life revolves around texting and doing his hair and the mall. his second best friend is also a nerdy one too (with glasses). tom's tend to be world's biggest jerks/backstabbers. not to mention manwhores who think they get some, but haven't quite yet. :)
girl: "heyyyy! nice to meet you!"
tom: smiles & *runs for the door* and yells TEXT ME LATER.
by iiknow everything June 24, 2009
That one guy who always appears first on your myspace friends list. Most people will delete him. Loners will keep him, for they have no actual friends to add. If it wasn't for him, that one girl who comitted suicide because of her fake online boyfriend would still be alive right now.
Loner girl (commenting Tom's profile): lyk omg tom! did u kno ur on my top 5??? comment me back pls!
by candyland717 July 10, 2008
the name of a person who is by definition a Tool, Asshat, Tryhard. Also a points system which is administered to reflect the level of Toolness, Asshated or Tryharistic behaivour.
"That guy is such an Asshat."
"Yeah he's definatly Tom."

You scored 1000 Tom points for ........ (insert action which is Tollish, Asshated of Tryhardastic)
by shift11111111111 June 14, 2007