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He is an appelworst, combined with a snarf and mnokey.
Tom, have you lost your backpack again? SUCKER
by inf1nity May 15, 2008
a guy who has sex with multiple women from places like geraldton (not azia) and films it ON LOCATION , sometimes girls like rebecca fiumu decide to shove bottles up their pussys for TOM MAY enjoyment , little does she know the production its all around her home town.
Me: hey did you see that video last night on dave's pphone?
Cooper:yeah was a TOM MAY production
by hahawtfahahwtfahahwtf October 08, 2008
Not your friend.
Guy #1: Dude, I just made an account on Myspace a couple days ago. It looks really cool, but every time I log on I feel like my soul is being sucked out of me.
Guy #2: No, that's normal with social networking sites. However, I have just been up for four days straight drinking espresso and researching the Tom-Santa-George Bush-Illuminati-Google-Deathly Hallows-Watergate-Iraq-KGB conspiracy, so you better delete your account anyway.
Guy #1: :O

...It's true. Look it up on the conspirators' website, tomandsantaandgeorgeandallusilluminatiguysandlarryandsergeyandthekgb.org.
by The Anonymouse August 22, 2008
a guy who cheats
"you tom"
"stop being a tom"
by gfplatino August 29, 2008
Short for tomorrow in internet slang or chat programs/rooms. Another form of the abbreviation is "toms".
Are we going out to the club tom?
by Fred Wong February 29, 2008
Term used to describe the man pussy or mangina. May also be referred to as a tom.
My tom quivers in anticipation of his throbbing member.
by Queen without a cuntry July 03, 2009
someone who steals all the sexy people. likes to have kinky times with people named chris and jonny. Watch out for tom hes a thief
Watch out tom might get him
by randomer09 April 29, 2009