the jesus of myspace; he created a world in which people can become friends, lovers, and then meet up and rape each other.

Oh gosh, I'm so glad Tom made myspace...oh yeah but i do feel bad about Susan.

-What happened?

Didnt you hear? She met up with some kid she met on myspace and then she got raped and killed.

-Oh, but that wont happen to me :)
by GROOZY June 06, 2006
gayest name in the entire universe
Tom is gay
by duddy121 February 16, 2011
time of month
Kimberly couldnt swim besause of tom
by xxxryan45xxx June 26, 2009
Robot god. Inventor of the internet.
ZOMG Tom u made teh interwebz!!!!1!11!one!1 Buttsecks now plz??!/
by King Nick the XXVII August 11, 2007
A general name for any man who uses his money to get sex and attention from women. Usually through gifts, cash, expensive dates, favors, rides, etc.
Like a John, except not with prostitutes.
More like a Mitch.

"Yea, T.O.M. over here, gave that stripper his whole paycheck last night! What a dumbass!"

"That girl doesn;t even like you, she's just playin you like T.O.M.!"

" What do you mean you want me to buy you some new clothes? I aint no T.O.M.!"

by JGSR July 27, 2006
He is an appelworst, combined with a snarf and mnokey.
Tom, have you lost your backpack again? SUCKER
by inf1nity May 15, 2008
A bitchy wuss man. Tends to be insecure, and whiny. He demands constant attention. A neglectful boyfriend that always has an excuse. When confronted, he cries- throws bitch fits and pleads to be kept. In all, a pussy.
"Dude, you know that Tom, god, whatta bitch"
by annabanannaramma February 05, 2010

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