A cunt.
Have you seen that Tom? What a cunt.
by Smokey Tits December 05, 2010
Some limp-dick asshole who thinks he's cool when rly he's a dickhead who does nothing but try an put people down and deprive them of their confidence.
Lewis who's that guy picking on Colin?
Matt his name is Tom and ya know what, I've fucking had it with that asshole!
by GhostOwl July 26, 2011
To tom is an English slang term commonly used to describe a situation where a couple is engaging in intercourse and the man surprises the woman by switching from vaginal to anal intercourse.
You should have seen the look on her face when I tommed her.
She'll be really upset when I tom her tonight.
by Max Tower June 26, 2007
A perpetual mistake resulting in the demise of a business or relationship.(n);
the inability to make a decision or fu**ing something up.(v)
when someone goofs up and does something really stupid.(adj.)
(n)The Youths of Amerika was never meant to succeed. It was tommed.
(v)Our company is bankrupt! Someone really tommed this one.
(adj.)That sure was a tom thing to do.
(v)Can't believe I tommed that up so bad.
by jonnys March 27, 2008
a turd.
I stelped on a big 'ol tom.
by Deep blue 2012 July 21, 2010
Time Of the Month-- girls use only!!
used if a girl is on her period; a way of disguising it.
Mary: whats wrong? you look sad.
Jane: Nothing really, tom's just really pissing me off..
by Lil-Smurf-x November 22, 2009
The hottest actor to play Superman...well, young Superman. He looks good in anything and has the most mezmorising eyes ever!
Talking about Tom Welling, by the way :)
by Kanwal March 05, 2007

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