Tom. The kinda guy who swears alot and is generally miserable.

Makes you try to feel bad about yourself just to make him feel better about his own inadequacies.
Tends to be ginger and fuck ugly. Despises Women.

Favorite words are cunty and bollox. Sometimes could be stringed together as a greeting.
<tom> Alright cunty-bollox?
<dave> No, I'm not, Sharon just left me.
<tom> Women, they're all snakes with tits.
<dave> Really?
<tom> Yep, it's why I'm still single.
<dave> Nothing to do with you being an miserable, ugly ginger fuck then?
by Craig_David June 22, 2012
a Huge nerd living on earth. Tom usually a huge nerd who wears terrible clothing like shoes and has crappy shoes. Tom only has nerd friends or not very much friends
Guy 1~ look at that nerd
Guy 2~Thats a Tom
by tom lover May 30, 2011
A fat man at work who buys stripped dress shirts at Walmart and wears tight clothes and keeps ripping them when he bends over.
Look Mom that guy bent over and pulled a Tom
by Masteroftheworld February 10, 2011
Tom is the opposite of George. It means bad, or is said when someone says something bad, or something a person(s) doesn't like.

Old Slang
Girlfriend: "Hey, that shirts real Tom."

Boyfriend: "You think so?"

Girlfriend: "Yeah, that other shirt though, that was real George."


Guy 1: "Hey man, that album's real Tom."

Guy 2: "Yeah, I agree."
by The Thang February 07, 2011
A big time creeper with creeper broads. Can't spell phone and plays baby daddy to his trashy girlfriends. Dropped out of high school to persue a drug trafficking career! CAN'T be trusted. Might look cute but his mommy spanks him. Tom`s are usually little bitches. Cries out like a little girl and LIES... about everything!
Girl 1 – “Eh Tom. I hurd u’z got a babeh”
Tom – “I aint no baby dadddeh”
Girl 2 – “Yo Hicks. You owe me child support. Get yoself a job man”
Girl 1 - “I thought you aint got a babeh? Im confuzzzed!”
Tom – “Im a liar. Dont believe anything I say“
by TomHnumber1FAN September 19, 2010
A guy who seems perfect to date at first until you get to know him and find out he's a complete freak.
My ex-boyfriend turned out to be a total tom.
by owlerrr September 13, 2010
a total dick munching prick, who just wants to get with girls to do shit. he's sweet and nice at times, yet he's a total jerk when he wants to be. he's very confusing, and on the verge of being a player if not already. he asks weird ass pervy questions, and he'll tell the whole world your answers, so shhhh. he think's he's hot shit, when really he's a total two faced douche bag. Usually says he has a big penis, when really it's this stubby ass chode. don't believe his lies. Also, he's like a PMS-ing chick. Damn, he's got his moods.

liar pathetic charming faggot stuck up moody
You is a fuckin Tom! PUT DAT CHODE AWAY.

Tom, you're an asshole...but i love you.
Suck my left nut, Tom.
by your dad's man tits September 01, 2010

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