more commanly know as a sociopath: a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. has complete disregard for anyone else but cant help it cause it just how they function but its a complete idiot who will die alone with 47 cats. lying little shit. with a pigeon nose and cant even see over a car bonnet and cant last for more than 5 minutes absoloute bullshit. short little liar
i cant stand him hes a compelte tom
by bull yit November 07, 2011
A fat man at work who buys stripped dress shirts at Walmart and wears tight clothes and keeps ripping them when he bends over.
Look Mom that guy bent over and pulled a Tom
by Masteroftheworld February 10, 2011
Tom is the opposite of George. It means bad, or is said when someone says something bad, or something a person(s) doesn't like.

Old Slang
Girlfriend: "Hey, that shirts real Tom."

Boyfriend: "You think so?"

Girlfriend: "Yeah, that other shirt though, that was real George."


Guy 1: "Hey man, that album's real Tom."

Guy 2: "Yeah, I agree."
by The Thang February 07, 2011
time of the month
shes a bitch, go talk to her!
ok..... Whats up TOM?
by davyjee September 29, 2010
monthly periods women have. a.k.a

T ime
O f
M onth
Girl 1: my stomach hurts.
Girl 2: awwe whats wrong?
Girl 1: its tom.
by k,ew. July 18, 2010
An accepted abbreviation for home-field advantage.
Dude: I really like that girl, she's smokin!!
Guy: Yeah she is
Bro: No way either of you can get with her, that guy has TOM
by DudeManBroGuyChamp May 16, 2010
A soggy borrower
Characterised by short legs and Kenickie style hair cut. Known to be a massive wet fish.
Frequently seen if you've got a magnifying glass handy.
"Oh look over there at that boy, he looks like such a Tom, the poor soggy borrower!"

"Uh oh, I've just dropped my soggy borrower in my brew"
by popbell May 20, 2013
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