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A guy with a little cock that may even be a little deformed. A serious Heartbreaker that no girl wants to be around
He's a Tom bro
by Hambronine February 17, 2013
0 7
more commanly know as a sociopath: a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. has complete disregard for anyone else but cant help it cause it just how they function but its a complete idiot who will die alone with 47 cats. lying little shit. with a pigeon nose and cant even see over a car bonnet and cant last for more than 5 minutes absoloute bullshit. short little liar
i cant stand him hes a compelte tom
by bull yit November 07, 2011
6 10
An amazing guy who has your best interest at heart, hes sweet and caring and smart, hes strong and hes hot any girl would be lucky to date him. he is an awesome friend hes funny and wwitty and always up for an adventure. and the best boyfriend ever.
Tom, the best boyfriend ever.
by cwahtahs September 24, 2011
19 23
Toms are lovely specimens, they come in all shapes and sizes, they have beautiful minds and a ravishing appearance just like a pansy, they like to watch lots of James Bond movies and cook lots of carbohydrates.
her: is that a Tom?
me: I dont think YOUVE ever seen a Tom....
by jimbotambo September 10, 2011
7 11
Acronym for: Technology Orgasm Moment.

Most commonly occurs at high tech companies where new discoveries are made.
That's some sexy technology...I am so happy, I could have a TOM!
by Techlover August 08, 2011
3 7
An actor who needs to come out of the closet
Tom you gotta come outa the closet ohhmyygawd!
by god_of_conquest July 07, 2011
3 7
Time Of Month.
Wow! Its her TOM!
by mofo ninja May 31, 2011
2 6
The MAN who gives the best hugs ever. He is also very hot.
He has amazing abs and gives good piggy back rides. He's really funny and usually black.
Susan: You give good hugs! You must be a Tom.
by Ahmed Aubudaubi January 01, 2011
20 24