A guy with a little cock that may even be a little deformed. A serious Heartbreaker that no girl wants to be around
He's a Tom bro
by Hambronine February 17, 2013
A person who calls out a lot from work.
I don't feel like going to work, so I am going to pull a Tom.
by Matt "Ben" Ryan February 17, 2012
Cockney rhyming slang for jewellery, preferably something classy and not a sovereign ring.

Abbreviated from tomfoolery.
That's a nice bit of tom you've got there, luv!
by A total Kent December 31, 2010
(verb) to have sex with someone in the brown eye
Dude, I totally tommed that chick last night. You should see her try and walk today!
by Vom Squad April 23, 2010
An older man who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger woman. A male cougar. (Reference to a literal male cougar)
A tom without a kitten is like a dog without a bone.. and I just boned that kitten before Tom.
by penumbras April 07, 2010
Tom, or 'Time Of Month', is a simple sort of abbreviation in case you don't like saying out loud that you're on your period.

I think Tom's on his way. I hate him.
by Poodley Star March 14, 2009
When a guy flirts with you and acts like he's interested in you and then dissapears from the face of the earth.

(he doesn't answer your phone calls or texts)

What's even stranger he doesn't talk to the mutual friends between you two.
Person 1: What's wrong?
Person 2: Oh I just got a Tom pulled on me.
by Njbfngijnfdsjnfdkjn December 05, 2008
A fat ugly bitch who thinks he's the man.
Look at him, he's such a Tom
by tomsfat June 18, 2014

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