A guy with a little cock that may even be a little deformed. A serious Heartbreaker that no girl wants to be around
He's a Tom bro
by Hambronine February 17, 2013
Tom seems perfect in every way... but he's a player. He'll pretend to love you like crazy when he's bored with nothing else to do, but when he finds someone else to talk to, you'll be ignored. If you call him on it he'll make up an excuse, but by the 5th time he uses an excuse you know he really is just a player. If you already fell for Tom and he does this, then you're screwed- you'll still love him anyway!
girl: that guy was great last night, but now he's totally blowing me off!
girl 2: he sounds like a Tom!
by What-a-faggot June 22, 2014
A random, unexpected boner; happens at very embarassing times.
I was giving Mila Kunis a hug when I got a huge tom.
by finnafail200 June 27, 2011
T.O.M is a definition for a girls period, her "time of month". It's both a way to keep it private, but let others know if it's needed.
Girl 1: "OMG T.O.M came today, I about screamed."
Girl 2: "Oh I'm sorry, hope he doesn't visit me too soon."
by Mother Nature's Gift July 19, 2010
time of the month/period
WHOA!! yesterday i had my T.O.M.
by eddiedenson July 10, 2008
Any Canadian Goose that approaches you with caution until offered a pretzel.
Tom took the pretzel from my hand.
by Animal Names July 12, 2014
Tom's can often be the world's greatest people. They are funny and good looking, although they don't think they are.

Often seen without the shirt on due to their unbelievebly good phisique.

They are well known for having loads of friends and always being up for a laugh.
Girl: OMG did you see that guy's body on TV the other day?

Girl 2: Yeah - he was such a Tom!
by liverpoolfcforlife October 01, 2010
Describing something that is both classy and fancy.
The definition of something fancy and classy is Clancy. Naturally we pick the most bad ass person with the last name Clancy, who is Tom Clancy.
"Hey man how does my shirt look?"
"Bro, that shirt is straight Tom."
by Smith2046 June 03, 2014

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