A guy with a little cock that may even be a little deformed. A serious Heartbreaker that no girl wants to be around
He's a Tom bro
by Hambronine February 17, 2013
A man's testicle.
My left Tom is so sore.

See also: Tom and Harry
by dick69 July 01, 2009
Police slang used by the British force, especially by the Metropolitan, to describe a prostitute.

Plural is Toms
I want everyone out there night and day questioning all the Toms, we've got to find Jack before he strikes again.
by The-Twitching-Peanut October 19, 2005
Super cool shoes.
Made by a super cool company, called Toms.
For every pair you purchase, they donate a pair to a child in need.

i.e. check out Toms.com
My Toms finally arrived!
by Anna Marie <3 August 25, 2008
Old British slang for "lesbian"
Annie is definitely a tom. I saw her kissing Liza.
by Tessa Quayle January 02, 2010
"Time Of Month" ~A descreet way to speak of one's period.
Kari: TOM came today... TOM's such a bitch!
Emily: We had to fuck in the shower cuz TOM was here! Lets go make out now!
Kari: Okay, teehee!
by EmilyJayne February 21, 2005
A man who is trying to create evil minions by brainwashing they via myspace. Why exactly he needs millions of minions I havn't exactly figured out. If you have a myspace delete tom before its too late!
Tom might be using his minions to kill xanga, blogspot, and other such sited.
by LeDuh November 05, 2006

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