An old slang term for a lesbian
"Don't bother flirting, they're a couple of toms."
by Ailith August 16, 2007
The sexiest boy on the planet, who knows how to make a girl feel amazing and very loved

Everyone needs a Tom in their life <3
Hey look it's tom

ohh damn i wish he was mine :P
by Lozzieee February 13, 2012
The MAN who gives the best hugs ever. He is also very hot.
He has amazing abs and gives good piggy back rides. He's really funny and usually black.
Susan: You give good hugs! You must be a Tom.
by Ahmed Aubudaubi January 01, 2011
*1. A caring, yet sarcastic, and stubborn, cute boy. He will always compliment you no matter what you did. He make say sometimes, "Why do you hate me," but it blows over. When and if he is doubting you/ you are doubting him you/he will say I love you, and the problem will be solved.

2. The ruiner of the earth, otherwise known as the creator of MySpace. Brought to this world by Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. MYSPACE IS DEAD.
1. My boyfriend Tom is such a great person, he loves me (:

by iLoveLlamas17 November 14, 2010
a flattering discritpion given to a person, referencing ''Tom'', the guy described below.

Arguably the sole inspiration for pratically everything that is Awesome in this world.
The global ruler of tomorrow.
that guy that wears a dinner jacket to school sometimes. The Sworn Enemy of ''The Game''.
The Immovable Object to Chuck Noriss's Irresistable Force
And a Damn Funny Chappie, too!
Gent 1: did you hear what fred said yesterday?

Gent 2: yeah, that was funny shit!! he is such a tom!!!
by thedoctor098 January 04, 2010
Abbreviation for a woman's menstrual cycle: Time Of Month. A polite way for a woman to say she has her period.
"Why is krista so bitchy to me lately?"
"TOM must be visiting her"
by transatlanticismx3 July 17, 2009
An acronym used to define "Time of Month" when a female has her menstrual period during the month.
"Oh dear, TOM just revealed himself on my new khakis."
by JackPoon April 23, 2006

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