An old slang term for a lesbian
"Don't bother flirting, they're a couple of toms."
by Ailith August 16, 2007
Tom is the definition of class and swagger, he always does what he wants, and seems to make people not sure to smile or cry at his perfection. He tends to be fair skinned with blonde curly hair. He is very talented, especially when it comes to literature, and public speaking, he is very eloquent, and has many girls falling in love with him.

Compatable Matches:
Girl 1: Have you met the new kid Tom?
Girl 2: No, not yet but he's seems so perfect.
Girl 1: OMG here he comes! Act normal.
Girl 2: He's perf, I can't, MY OVARIES.
by Tumblr451 July 06, 2012
A person who calls out a lot from work.
I don't feel like going to work, so I am going to pull a Tom.
by Matt "Ben" Ryan February 17, 2012
A ray of sunshine on a rainy day, uses his charm and humour to lift your spirits and see perspective.
Intelligent and complicated, and can put his foot in it, tactless at times.

Once trust has been gained, a loyal friend for life, but cross him at your peril. You have been warned.
simply a good person to have around, hopefully always.
(Tom) ( thomas)
by Swalk December 03, 2011
An amazing guy who has your best interest at heart, hes sweet and caring and smart, hes strong and hes hot any girl would be lucky to date him. he is an awesome friend hes funny and wwitty and always up for an adventure. and the best boyfriend ever.
Tom, the best boyfriend ever.
by cwahtahs September 24, 2011
Toms are lovely specimens, they come in all shapes and sizes, they have beautiful minds and a ravishing appearance just like a pansy, they like to watch lots of James Bond movies and cook lots of carbohydrates.
her: is that a Tom?
me: I dont think YOUVE ever seen a Tom....
by jimbotambo September 10, 2011
The name alone makes people 10km around shriek in excitement. Tom brings joy to all especially his girlfriend by being so damn awesome. Most frequently found in KD.
'i dream of tom nightly'
'hey you were so tom last night' 'nah way, im not nearly in the tom league'
by ihearttom February 24, 2010
Tom, or 'Time Of Month', is a simple sort of abbreviation in case you don't like saying out loud that you're on your period.

I think Tom's on his way. I hate him.
by Poodley Star March 14, 2009

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