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A character from the television series, 'Family Guy'. He is the anchorman on Channel 5 News, the show co-hosted by Diane Simmons.
Diane Simmons: Tom, I'm getting late word that you're a petty, jealous closet-case.

Tom Tucker: Bit of breaking news, we now go live to Diane being a bitch. Diane.
by Rock DJ December 03, 2004
A referance to an unknown person

eg anyone whos identity who you are unsure of.
Megan you love Tom Tucker.
by feinian June 20, 2010
n. The male act of tucking the front of ones shirt down and under the scrotum.

Reasons for preforming a Tom Tucker could range anywhere from comfort to security.
To compensate for a large gooch that was often prone to becoming quite moist, Gary came to depend upon the security and comfort of a well tucked Tom Tucker.

After being regularly pantsed in gym class, Nate started thinking two steps ahead in the form of a snugly placed Tom Tucker.
by RYANLANG69 April 13, 2011
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