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(TCT) n. Term referencing the height enhancing effect of shoes with a particularly thick heel/sole. Shoes employing TCT are typically worn by males who are vertically challenged. Derived from MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) - a brand of footware which employs very thick soles - often bought by small men under the pretence that it is good for their posture.
Ride attendant rookie: Wow, Tom's looking rather tall. I didn't think he'd be tall enough to ride this roller coaster.

Ride attendant manager: Don't be fooled son. Look at those heels. He's using Tom Cruise Technology - or "TCT's".

Ride attendant manager (to Tom): Oi! Not so fast Maverick! Go feed your need for speed on the teacups.
by rocksigneous July 21, 2009
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