A quarterback who some say is overrated. Apparently has the "best recivers" and that is why he is so prolific. Brady has Moss and Welker, two great recievers, but do you remember when he won 3 superbowls? Yeah, no recivers who did anything. Brady can make anyone look good. IE: Donte Stallworth, Reche Caldwell. Also holds the records for much touchdowns in a quarter(5), and most touchdowns in a season (50)
Pats fan:Tom Brady is among the best quarterbacks in the league, along with Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees.
Idiot:Liek no wayyyyyyz Eli Manning owns brady all day
Pats Fan:Thats why he cant do shit without a stellar defense or Plaxico Burress
Idiot:hahahaha shut up newb Brady Sucks
Pats Fan:I guess Michael Phelps sucks too then.
by tesk92 October 25, 2009
Tom Brady is the quarterback of the New England Patriots. Because he won three super bowls in four years, people tend to dislike him. Sometimes they call him things such as "homo", "crybaby", and they say that he can't win without his receivers. However, experts call him one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Ninety-eight percent of all accusations aren't exactly true, they just make all the non-fans feel better.

Tom Brady lead the Patriots to super bowl wins in 2001, 2003, and 2004. His wife's name is Gisele.
Non-fan: Tom Brady is homo.
Pats fan: No, he has a wife.
Non-fan: he's so dumb.
Pats fan: I dunno about that . . . he's said to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. And he's got the rings to show for it. Or have you forgot that he lead the Patriots to three super bowl wins in 2001, 2003, and 2004?
Non-fan: you just love him because he plays for New England.
Pats fan: you just hate him because he plays for New England.
by Yo Zo March 08, 2014
an ok quarterback. hes got the best wide receivers in the league that catch passes anywhere and has a great running back. if he was on any other team he would have normal numbers at best. he is so overrated its not even funny...whoever says he is underrated is just plain stupid.
tom brady is underrated, don't you think so?

no are you stupid hes always on tv and is overrated,Peyton mannings still good without Marvin Harrison and Anthony Gonzalez
by Fahot December 01, 2007
1.Term use to discribe a football QB who nobody tought would have a good career that manages to become one of the best QB´s in the NFL. Caracterized by finding the weakness in every defence and being able to win a game in the last 2 minutes of play. Also is used to refer a great leader and person.

Tom Brady QBs are normaly hated by fans from other teams for beating consitently there teams who find an excuse in the smallest(bearly occuring)mistakes rarely comitted by this QBs. This QB's tend to respond to critcisims by delivering blowouts to other teams, wining championship games, and making perfect seasons

2.The New England Patriots QB in few words one of the best in the NFL HISTORY
JOE:hey man did you saw the game last night?!!!
Mark:Yea dude can you belive our Tom Brady QB manage to beat the other team 59-0!!!!!
by DAGAPATS February 06, 2010
The best quarterback in nfl history, but a bunch of fucks think he sucks because he has good recivers and they say peyton manning is better but he has had good recievers all his carier. Tom Brady won 3 with crappy recivers he is a beast face it and the colts suck
Hey look over there its tom brady the best qb ever
by pats fan 69 November 04, 2009
A truly incredible underdog story of a Quarterback who was suppose to go undrafted but the genius of a coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Craft saw what nobody else could see. In Brady's ten seasons as a starter, the Patriots have earned trips to the Super Bowl in five of them, winning three. He has also won two Super Bowl MVP awards. Tom Brady also removed crybaby Peyton Manning' s record of 49 TD passes just to rub it in Peyton's face Brady threw NFL record 50 TD pass's three years

Stats to date 2000-2012
Wins 136
Losses 39
Pass attempts 5,958
Pass completions 3,798
Percentage 63.7
TD–INT 334–123
Passing yards 44,806
Passer rating 96.6

Certain fan' s and media of other teams attempt to discredit New England Patriots in general. For instance SPYGATE which one huge factor here is Bill Belichick was accused of videotaping teams practice most notably the Ram' s before the Super Bowl XXXVI. This was a false accusation yet Jet' s fans and others insist he did it. Well your' re wrong you fucking idiots do a little research on the aftermath of this investigation.

Tom Brady idolized Joe Montana as a kid growing up in California. Brady has beaten some of Montana' s records including Brady's 17 postseason wins NFL record and these two QB' s are know as the two best to ever play the game of football. Joe Montana is in the NFL Hall Of Fame and there is no doubt Brady will be there some day.
Draft Report on Tom Brady:
Poor Build
Lacks Great Physical stature
Lacks mobility and strength
Lacks a strong arm
Lacks ability to avoid rush
Can' t drive the ball down field
Does not throw tight spiral
Get' s knocked down easily

Tom Brady: " That gets me fired up I am thinking what do these people know?"
Tom Brady used this report and anyone who doubted his abilities throughout his career and continues to this day.
by MassStylez April 05, 2013
A de-bearded Jesus Christ. He has won three super bowls as of the 2010-11 season, and plans on winning more. He can throw the football to the international space station and back, and throw it hard enough to obliterate Krypton. He was the cause of every war ever, because nobody is as cool as Tom Brady, and everyone is jealous of the US for having him.
Tom Brady killed it, and by it I mean everything ever.
by IAMMETATRON January 15, 2011

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