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1. Incident made famous in the 2001 AFC Championship game in which Tom Brady appeared to fumble the ball, but the play was reversed when the officials reviewed the play and enacted the "Tuck Rule": "If a QB loses the ball before he has tucked it firmly into his body, even if his intention no longer is to throw it, the play is an incomplete pass." The Patriots went on to become Super Bowl Champions.

2. When, during an act of masturbation, unexpectedly walks in and the male perpetrator must swiftly and handily tuck their genitals in between their legs.
1. Kyle Boller was prepared to face his 5th fumble of the game when the officials mercifully enacted the Tom Brady Tuck Rule.

2. Steve's comfortable day alone in the house ended in horror when his little sister came home early and into his room, forcing a quick, desperate enactment of the Tom Brady Tuck Rule.
by Edwin December 04, 2005
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