One of the sexiest, hottest man alive.

masturbates like 20 million times a day. lmfao
tom delonge is so hott
by miriah December 03, 2004
Top Definition
Tom is a beautiful man,who is very talented who is one third of a super hot and great band Blink 182. Tom DeLonge is also in a band call Box Car Racer. Tom in both his bands has sold millons of copies of all of his cd's around the world. He has done what only some wish they could ever accomplish and what some dream of everyday.Tom is an amazingly hot man. I have never seen someone better looking and talented in one. And too those who mock them that is fine but why dont like them thats cool but i mean too come on a site that people want to see nice things about a band they like. Then they things like "blink 182 sucks ". It seems pointless and stupid, when people say "oh there not punk!"...who cares whatever they are is what alot of people like...even if you call them count who really cares. So this is a note: I love Tom DeLonge...Thank You and Good night!
Tom DeLonge is so hot I can't believe it.
by Erin October 23, 2004
guitarist for blink 182
even if you dont like their music HE IS THE HOTTEST MAN ALIVE
tom hot pants delonge uses his sexiness to rock the socks of every child in the land
by he's fucking beautiful June 19, 2004
hottest man alive shit!hes in blink-182 he is sooooooooo fuckin hot damn!
when i saw tom live i cried!lol
by lizeth July 24, 2004
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