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1. A small mountain town in Massachusetts thats home to a huge pot making industry.
2. A place where all the inhabitants are in the VFD and every house burns down because nobody cares.
Tolland is the gayest town ever
by tollandjunkie June 02, 2009
A little town in Western Mass, the most awesome town on the face of the earth, resting high up in the mountains it looks down on poor pathetic Southwick and Granville, Tolland pwns Southwick, great place for hiking, biking, smoking, drinking, having sex, camping, doing drugs, and burying those dead bodies we all know you've got lying around... come on down!
Bob: hey everybody, im from tolland!
Everybody: hey Bob, nice to meet ya!
Alice: hey everybody, im from southwick!
Everybody: ewww get her outta here!!
by tandrollluse June 02, 2009
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