Top Definition
1. A massive rip of smoke, usually weed.

2. A sweet passage in a book that totally blows your mind. It can be a phrase, paragraph, or even a page and is usually written by a boss named J.R.R. Tolkien.
Ex 1: Stoner: Holy shit, that was a massive tolk.

Ex 2: Reader: Tolkien is dishing out the tolks left and right.

Ex 3: Stoner/Reader: All these tolks are making me wish I could tolk with Gandalf some time.
by Tommy Bombadil July 24, 2011
1. to inhale weed for a long time
2. to pull as hard as you can while smoking weed
"You really gotta tolk or you won't get high."
by luurve goddess July 26, 2007
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